Offers & Services

I offer data science and machine learning for technical use cases. My focus is on working with structured data (databases and tables). I prepare the data in such a way that it can be exploited for machine learning algorithms. This allows me to extract key figures (prices, delivery times, yields of good parts, …) in an automated and reproducible way, as well as to connect modern large language models to company data. My specialties are technical applications in which I can utilize my many years of industry experience as well as my strong science and physics background.

My services include:

Analysis of process data to improve production yields

Analysis of service data for predictive maintenance

Automated searches for, and classification of, product defects (quality assurance)

Connection of large language models to company data

Evaluation of the company's data for quality and relevance to a selected issue

Advice on which data should be collected and analyzed to create maximum added value

I work on a project basis, both as a consultant and as a data scientist.

The schedule and duration of a project can be arranged flexibly with me. As a rule, I work remotely, but depending on the customer’s needs, I can also make on-site appointments.

On the customer’s side, no special hardware or computing resources are required.